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Small Business Accounting Solutions

ere at Simple Bookkeeping Solutions, we aim to encourage, empower, and educate our Kitsap area clients to listen to what their business is telling them. We believe that your business, just like a child, requires a raising process and developing foundations and proper procedures in order properly grow and develop. What sets us apart from other accounting firms is that we don’t want you to just follow us blindly, but instead we want you to become the best leader for your business by learning what your small business needs in terms of accounting, budgeting and money management. Our services allow us to develop excellent processes and then bring you in to understand what needs to be done in order maintain accurate records. From cleaning up your books to tax prep, and monthly budgeting to Quickbooks training – we are proud to be the small business accountant who has helped retail companies, construction companies and many other new and established businesses around Kitsap County.

If you are looking for a small business accountant or bookkeeper, contact our Port Orchard office from Bremerton, Silverdale, Gig Harbor, Manchester, Olalla and beyond.

Our Vision

Our vision is to develop a new generation of well-educated business owners who can use the accounting information we provide to make accurate and educated business decisions. Our team shares the passion of empowering the small business owner demographic to be their business’s best advocate. Our team shares excitement in watching our owners’ businesses succeed and share in the strategic planning to navigate the turbulence that comes with business. We aim to treat our team members as the valuable assets that they are – and use our strengths that are unique to bring the best of all of us to our clients. The Services we specialize in include Bookkeeping Services for all Business Structures, Business Administrative Assistance, Annual Tax Preparation and Specialty tax filings (Combined Excise Tax, City B&O, Personal Property Tax, etc.). In our aim to be the number one Accounting Firm to use for Business Success – we’ve developed an extensive list of highly rated resources to help you on your entrepreneurial journey.



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